Find Your True Calling: Robin Sharma’s Spiritual Blueprint for a Meaningful Existence

Renowned leadership expert and bestselling author Robin Sharma recently shared insights on spirituality and its profound impact on his daily life during an exclusive interview in New Delhi. He revealed his morning routine, starting his day at 5AM with a practice he terms MVP: meditation, visualization, and prayer. For Sharma, these practices go beyond mere manifestation; they serve as foundational pillars for a purposeful existence.

Sharma defines spirituality as transcending our egoic selves – the insecure, self-preserving aspect – to connect with a higher power or, as he puts it, our better selves. He emphasizes the significance of understanding oneself beyond societal conditioning, fears, and limitations. To him, spirituality involves living for a purpose greater than personal gain, citing examples like Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa, individuals devoted to serving humanity.

Live a Life of Purpose: Robin Sharma’s Secrets to Aligning with Your Higher Self

Living by one’s values is pivotal in Sharma’s spiritual philosophy. He stresses the practicality of spirituality, viewing it as intertwined with leadership. It’s not merely about theoretical knowledge but embodying the values one aspires to uphold. For Sharma, spirituality is about aligning actions with aspirations, where life itself becomes the message.

Known for his bestselling book ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’, Sharma’s upcoming release, ‘Wealth Money Can’t Buy’, is highly anticipated. His perspective on spirituality echoes a sentiment of living authentically, striving for a deeper connection with oneself and a purpose larger than personal ambitions.

The interview highlights how spirituality, for Sharma, is a guiding force that shapes his daily routines, values, and approach to life, offering a blueprint for a more meaningful existence.

Robin Sharma’s Spiritual Secrets: How to Live a More Meaningful Life


The interview with Robin Sharma offers profound insights into the role of spirituality in shaping a purposeful life. His perspective transcends mere routines; it delves into the essence of spirituality as a transformative force. Sharma’s emphasis on self-discovery, aligning with higher values, and living for a greater purpose resonates deeply, emphasizing the practicality of spirituality in everyday existence.

His teachings echo the universal quest for meaning, urging individuals to navigate beyond societal conditioning and fears to uncover their authentic selves. Through meditation, visualization, and prayer, Sharma advocates for a holistic approach that extends beyond personal growth to encompass a commitment to serve and uplift others.

Ultimately, the conversation with Sharma underscores spirituality as a guiding light, illuminating the path toward a life rich in meaning, values, and a profound connection with oneself and the world. His words inspire a reflective journey toward living authentically and purposefully, offering a timeless message of wisdom and guidance for those seeking a deeper understanding of spirituality in their lives

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