F1’s return to Vegas marred by safety concerns: “We need to do better” – Wolff

The Las Vegas Grand Prix encountered a tumultuous beginning when Carlos Sainz Jr.’s Ferrari collided with a water valve cover, leading to significant damage and prompting strong reactions from Ferrari’s management. Video footage captured the dramatic moment, shocking spectators as the malfunctioning car emitted sparks.

Ferrari’s Fred Vasseur expressed strong dissatisfaction with the situation, emphasizing the financial implications and the loss of participation for Sainz. Meanwhile, Toto Wolff of Mercedes defended the incident’s significance in the context of the larger event, downplaying its impact.

Both teams highlighted the need for the FIA and track officials to prevent similar incidents in the future. Event organizers assured ongoing efforts to address the issue, causing a delay in the subsequent practice session.

The race’s commencement faced criticism due to high costs and local disruptions during course construction. Despite these challenges, team leaders remained optimistic about the event’s potential and praised the efforts of F1 and Liberty Media.

In summary, while the disrupted practice session posed concerns and frustrations for teams, the stakeholders remained committed to overcoming these initial setbacks and pushing forward with the event.”


The tumultuous start to the Las Vegas Grand Prix, marked by the collision that damaged Carlos Sainz Jr.’s Ferrari, cast a shadow over the anticipated event. The incident, met with frustration and strong reactions from team management, highlighted the need for heightened safety measures and thorough track inspections to prevent such mishaps in the future.

Despite this setback, the determination of both F1 teams and event organizers to address the issue and move forward remains evident. The commitment to ensuring a safer and more successful race is paramount.

As the event progresses, it’s essential to acknowledge the broader significance of the Grand Prix’s return to Las Vegas after four decades. While initial disruptions and criticisms surfaced regarding ticket costs, hotel rates, and local discontent, the underlying potential and magnitude of the event cannot be overlooked.

Ultimately, the Grand Prix’s success hinges on addressing the challenges, learning from the unexpected incidents, and delivering an unforgettable racing spectacle that lives up to the expectations set by F1’s return to the iconic city of Las Vegas.

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